About Us

Sandal Exports one of the fast growing Apparel Manufacturers in the market, was established & registered in 2008 and itself as an exporters of all types of knitted / woven garments & fabrics.
Sandal Exports is boosting up not only the goods sector of the economy but is also rejuvenating the services sector by providing employment to its about three hundred of workers in its production units on purely nondiscrimination basis.
From last 6 years we are exporting Textile Fabrics / Made Ups Items / Hosiery Knitted Garments to UK, Europe, South America & Middle East.
Normally we are making garments in fleece, rib 1×1, rib 2×2, single jersey, interlock, flat back rib, pique, thermal etc in different weights and gauges as required by the customers.
  • Yarn
Main YarnWe buy yarn directly from the spinning mills.

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  • Knitting – Dying
DIGITAL CAMERAMain KnittingWe have our own knitting machines which  are capable of making all types of single knit, double knit, fleece fabric. Most machines are equipped with Lycra attachment. 100% production is inspected and only ‘A’ grade fabric is transferred to the subsequent  operations.
    • Cutting
cuttingWith the assistance of Auto Spreader (Bullmer, Germany), the lays of fabric rolls are made and the fabric is spread. Due to accuracy and time saving uniqueness of the spreader, the fabric lays are made within 50 minutes while the normal Lay-making time is 2 hours. The cutting patterns are blueprinted upon CAD/CAM system. Investronica P2400 plotter provides us the layouts of such designed patterns. Via networking, the design transformation to Investronica Electronic Cutter (Spain) (integrated with CAD & CAM system) is made possible which cuts a lay in 1 hour and 10 minutes well short of  normal lay cutting time i.e.: 4 to 5 hours. CIP’s cutting department is distinguished by its time-saving traits and capital-intensive & labor-saving techniques.
  • Needle Detector
Needle MachineMetal Detection Machine is activated in order to keep garment entirely free of the needle and other metal particles. Popper Fastener (PRYM, UK.) machines are used to endow the garment with poppers made of non-ferrous metal.
  • Screen Printing & Embroidery
Embroidery Machine NewLinkSandal Exports have its own screen printing & embroidery machines. We remain fully capable of our production capacity. Our designers team develop & punching all kinds of design and have all facility in-house to save our time and provide quick service to our clients.
  • Stitching
sitchingThere are 4 well-regimented Stitching units outfitted with the latest stitching machines. Some well-known Taiwanese, Japanese, and Chinese brands of stitching machines installed here are Siruba, Pegasus, Yamato, Mitsubishi, Brother, Kansai, Sirio (Rimoldi), Woosun FW 777, Shingling, Kingtex, Toyota, Sunshine and Juki segregated as :
  • Stitching Machines

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  • Capacity
We have a capacity of average one hundred thousand (100,000) pieces per month.
  • Annual Turnover
Our current annual Turnover is US $ 3 million. After the completion of our future planning, our target of next year in 2016 should be 5 million US $.
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